How to keep your Android device secure from malware

A simple setting could make all the difference when it comes to keeping your device secure.

With the exception of iOS geniuses willing to “jail break” their phones, Apple controls which apps gets into its App store and which don’t. This is not the same for an Android device. Though it allows you to install apps from a single source: the Google Play store, there is a loop hole. To get software from anywhere else, you have to enable installation from third-party sources and accept the risks that come with it. This happens by simply checking off a button in the settings menu.

Exact placement of the option will vary based on the device you own,but generally is found in settings app under Security >Unknown Source

In as much as this allows you to install a variety of applications, it opens wide threat to potential malware infections. However by toggling off installation of apps from sources other than goggle play store can keep your device safe.

This doesn’t keep your phone 100% safe. Nor does it protect you from non-security issues including password breaches. That said, keeping unknown sources deactivated is a strong first line of protection that prevent the most egregious malware from having open access to your device.

Why do apps come from Google Play store by default?

This how Google makes money off Android, which it provides as open source operating system for manufacturers and custom makers to do what they please. Google gets 30% of the money when you buy something from the Play store. But there is more to this decision than just profit. Developers create apps and upload them to the Playstore. Google checks them for viruses, malware and anything else the company would consider malicious. Out of box, devices can only get affected by bad apps if the code manages to bypass Google’s safeguards.

That’s why you should only install applications from official channels only.