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A new tweak to save airtime for Econet users

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Using a smart phone is the best thing that anybody can wish for. The name “smart” itself infers that it has capabilities to perform without your consent.

The major setback that has encountered most is the loss of airtime due to the applications always running in the background.In essence it doesn’t need you to browsing for your recharge to be depleted.

Knowing this, Econet has since rolled out a new feature which takes care of this problem forever. This has to do with disabling of airtime browsing.

How it works

No complications at all, it is simply a click away. This is found when you dial *143#> Account services>Out of bundle browsing. When you choose “Do not allow” you disallow airtime from being utilized when your bundles are depleted. This helps you to manage what happens with your airtime.

However, if you do not mind your airtime being used you can as well choose the allow feature. This means once your bundle is depleted, your phone can still use airtime in the phone for your updates and what have you.

Good speed using that feature