Telecel introduces lucky number promotion

Telecel Zimbabwe has introduced a Lucky Number promotion which is offering up to USD 5 million  over a period of 3 months. The promotion makes use of the last digits of one’s mobile number as a virtual lottery entry ticket. Telecel has promised its customers that up to USD 50 000 would be at stake per day .

The companies Communication and Branding Director Obert Mandimika said, “The promotion was a way of returning value and thanking loyal subscribers through the fun and innovative game”. He went on to say “Lucky Number participants would match the last 6 digits through the sms based promotion from right to left of their mobile number and win $5000 while those matching the last 5 gets $500 .”
“Partakers will get up to $10, $5 and $1 depending to the numbers matched that is last four down to two digits.” He added.

According to Potraz in their 2016 4th Quarter performance the company has 4 643 325 total subscribers with 1 805 612 being active. This means Telecel Zimbabwe holds 14% of the market share in the telecommunications industry.

Our View

Telecel have been struggling to gain ground in the telecoms industry after getting stiff competition from Netone and Econet. The promotion is set to boost active subscribers as well as to grow its market share from 14% with the reminder 86% market share, being divided between Econet 49.4% and Netone 36.6%

MNO’s Market share in Zimbabwe (Courtesy of POTRAZ)


Netone has of late introduced the famous One fusion package which is widely used by Zimbabweans due to its cheaper and more affordable data and voice call bundles. Econet on the other hand has managed to be the market leader supported by Ecocash (its mobile money platform). Ecocash has since become the most used way of transacting due to cash shortages in Zimbabwe.

Going forward Telecel Zimbabwe need to massively advertise and also be able to offer much better and cheaper services compared to the ones offered by its competitors.