Mozilla Firefox is now faster

The latest update to Mozilla Firefox comes with a number of tweaks that make it even better.

Firefox 54 has added support for Multiple Content Process.Multiple Content Processes allow browser tabs to be managed as seperate Operating System processes. This makes web pages load faster but it uses more RAM. Mozilla has added this feature in a very smart way (this is expected since they have been developing the feature for the past 10 years).

Firefox’s version of Multiple Content Processes makes use of only four processes to manage all browser tabs. This approach is what makes it cool. Google Chrome has had this feature for some time now. The Chrome implementation of this feature is culprit behind Chrome’s appetite for RAM (everyone knows that chrome is a RAM hog). Firefox found a way around excessive RAM usage by limiting the amount of Operating System processes to four.

Mozilla calls its implemetation of Multiple Content Processes “Multi-Process without bloat”, which in our own opinion is a direct dig at Google’s Chrome.

Latest benchmark tests on memory usage have shown that Firefox 54 beats both Chrome and Safari.

This is a welcome development from Firefox since it reignites healthy competition among browser vendors. Google chrome still leads in terms of market share but expect their lead to narrow down a bit in the near future.

Firefox 54 can be downloaded here, it is available for Windows, Linux and Mac Os.