Emoji search coming to WhatsApp


The latest beta version 2.17.246 of WhatsApp now has emoji search enabled. To the uninitiated, an emoji is a small digital image or icon used to express an idea or emotion in electronic communication.

Emojis make it easier and faster to convey emotions and spice up conversations. Until now WhatsApp users had to resort to third party keyboard apps such as Google Gboard in order to search for emojis. The introduction of this feature is a welcome development that will significantly reduce the amount of time one takes to find an emoji. Side-way scrolls have always been a tedious way of finding an emoji for WhatsApp users.

Other features expected to be released include the long awaited message recall feature and WhatsApp video streaming for iPhone.
Message recall feature allows you to recall sent messages for a chat up to 5 minutes. Several other chat applications already have this feature but WhatApp still has to make it available to its users.

The video streaming feature for iPhone was released 3 months ago but was immediately disabled for some unknown reasons.
According to WaBetaInfo, the activation of the video streaming feature for iPhone users may take a while before it is fully activated.


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