Galaxy Note 7 is coming back


On August 19, 2016 Samsung released the Note 7, it was an amazing smartphone one would want to have with its fascinating specifications. It was built with a corning Gorilla Glass 5 back panel which meant it was not easy to scratch. The OS was Android 6.0 which could be updated to Android 7.1 Marshmallow, the Camera, the processing power was amazing.

The Galaxy Note 7 was a stunning phablet. Although it had all the specs everyone would wish for, it became a laughing matter a few days after launch. The phone over-heated due to the liquid in the lithium ion battery which is highly flammable. The later FAA issued strong warnings to  passengers not to use or charge a Note 7 on a plane. Many airlines explicitly banning the use of Galaxy Note 7 phones.

This Friday in South Korea Samsung will be selling a cheaper, refurbished version of the Galaxy Note 7, but the company decided to change the smartphone’s name to Samsung Note FE. The Note FE will come with a low capacity battery which will put it to a lower risk of over-heating.


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