3 technologies that can foster economic development in Zimbabwe (Part 2)


2. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a computer technology that uses special headsets usually called Virtual Reality Headsets. The Virtual reality headsets are sometimes used with physical spaces to generate realistic images, sounds and sensations that stimulate the user’s physical presence in a virtual world. A person using a virtual reality headset will be able to look around and interact with virtual objects.

Virtual reality is an emerging technology that is still in its infancy, more like what the internet was in the 1980’s. This means there are a lot of opportunities and applications yet to be explored. There are a number of areas where VR technology can be applied; these include education, tourism, entertainment, military training and industrial training.


Zimbabwe can get in to the VR game early and help grow the economy as well as create employment. The tourism sector is one of the best starting points for Zimbabwe considering that we are home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World. VR product sales expected to skyrocket to 24 million units by 2018 and half a billion by 2025, and most of these sales will be in developed countries. In order to attract more tourists, VR content should be created. The content can be sold online at a profit and this will also attract visitors to Zimbabwe. Other countries such as Australia have already created a library of VR content for the most iconic place in Australia.

Industry can also benefit from VR. Industrial workers can be trained more effectively and efficiently. Once the worker is highly skilled then productivity is expected to increase.

The opportunities that VR presents to a developing nation are endless. We have just scratched the surface. There are challenges that will have to be dealt with, for example creating VR content is not a walk in the park.

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