Tizen OS:

Intel and Samsung announced a partnership to create a new Linux-based open source operating system called TIZEN. Tizen is an open source OS, whose standards are based on Linux, the OS was clearly being developed to compete with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.
These are some features on Tizen OS we found while operating the Operating System on the Samsung Z2:
  • The OS is lightweight and offers a faster     start-up,it also supports Multi-touch gestures.
  • Supports JavaScript, CSS.
  • HTML5 has better Internet performance especially for mobile devices which can provide smoother and good internet experience.
  •   Tizen is flexible meaning you can run Android applications.
  •  The Battery is awesome.
  •  The user interface UI can be customized and has faster responding time.
  •  Tizen v3 supports 64-bit processors.
However Tizen’s
  • App Store has limited applications
  • Storage management is poor


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