Malware Alert

Last week someone wrote to us on how best they can secure their facebook accounts which kept to be the source of most viruses attacking them and we noticed they got the virus from a certain  video link send by a friend through Facebook.
We advice that don’t click on links you are not sure of, Security researchers at Kaspersky Lab have spotted an ongoing cross-platform campaign on Facebook Messenger, where users receive a video link that redirects them to a fake website, luring them to install malicious software.
Although it is still unclear how the malware spreads, researchers believe that spammers are using compromised accounts, hijacked browsers, or clickjacking techniques to spread the malicious link.
The attackers make use of social engineering to trick users into clicking the video link, which purports to be from one of their Facebook friends, with the message that reads “< your friend name > Video” followed by a link, as shown.
We are yet to find out how this Cross-Platform Malware Works.


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