Is Windows Defender Good Enough?


The general feel for it in its current state is that it’s an average-level antivirus. It is definitely not the best protection you can get for your PC.

If you only use the Internet to watch YouTube videos and chat on Facebook, you may find Windows Defender is an adequate solution for your specific use case. The minute you start performing more dangerous actions, such as downloading files, you’ll want something more durable to help keep your computer safe. You may even change antivirus purely for the fact that other solutions will have less of an impact on your system performance than Windows Defender.

Even if you believe Windows Defender does the job for you, it’s a good idea to explore the free antivirus solutions on offer. These days, free antiviruses can detect threats as efficiently as, if not better than, paid antiviruses currently on sale. You can check tools such as AV-Test to pick out the best free antiviruses, then give one a shot and see if it suits you. At best, you’ll find a more robust and effective antivirus to protect you from viruses and spyware. At worst, you can simply uninstall it again with zero cost to you, so it’s definitely worth a shot.


Windows Defender is an average-level antivirus which might keep people who perform basic Internet browsing safe from harm. However, the moment a user finds themselves in a situation where they’re likely to obtain a virus, there are plenty of paid and free solutions out there that can do the job a lot better.

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