How to connect to Econet Wifi Zones

Wondering how you can enjoy Econet Wireless‘ Wifi bundle? We are going to walk you through the process and ways you can enjoy them. You need to have enough airtime to purchase these bundles from as little as $0.50 you can purchase these bundles,

Dial *143#

Select option 2.

Select option 2.

Select a bundle of your choice.

There are 2 ways easy ways to connect to Econet Wi-Fi Zone

1. Econet Wi-Fi Zone

Turn on your Wi-Fi, select Econet Wi-Fi Zone
Open your browser, enter your mobile number, and select “Get Password” (You will receive the password via SMS, use this to log in)
Enter the password sent to your phone and you are good to go
Your password is valid for 6 hours, as long as you are in the same Econet Wi-Fi Zone. If you move to a different Econet Wi-Fi Zone you will need to request a new password.
Connect to an Econet Wi-Fi Zone today.
2. Econet Wi-Fi Zone Secure 
With Econet Wi-Fi Zone Secure subscribers connect based on the operating system that their phone uses.
2.1 iOS
To connect to Econet Wi-Fi Zone Secure on iOS;
Click to install
Restart your phone
Turn on your Wi-Fi
Select Econet Wi-Fi Zone Secure and you are good to go
The beauty about this method is that after a simple once-off installation whenever you are within Econet Wi-Fi Zone Secure range you will seamlessly connect.
Here are the Wi-Fi Zones available in Zimbabwe
  • Harare International Airport
  • Graniteside, Corner Kelvin Road South and Kelvin Close
  • ZB Life (Towers CBD)
  • Eastgate
  • Econet House First Street(CBD)
  • Harare Main Post Office(2 Hotspots)
  • Robinson House Corner Kwame Nkrumah Ave and Angwa Street
  • Cresta Jameson along Samora Machel
  • 1 Location Corner Kwame Nkrumah Ave/3rd Street
  • Cresta Jameson along Nelson Mandela
  • Book Cafe
  • Econet Shop along Herber Chitepo Opposite Harare Gardens
  • 2 Locations, 5 Avenue Shopping Centre
  • Northfields
  • Harare Sports Clubs
  • Royal Harare Golf Club
  • Montagu Spar
  • Rowland Square, Milton Park
  • Old Harareans
  • 1 Spot along Cork Road, Avondale
  • 7 Arts Avondale and 1 Other Location
  • Vanilla Moon
  • 1 Location Corner Guest Eve/College Road, Mt Pleasant
  • 1 Location along Mt Pleasant Drive
  • Old Georgians Sports Club
  • Bond Shopping Centre,Mt Pleasant
  • Giovanni’s(Arundel Village) + 1 other Location
  • The Bistro
  • 9 Locations at Sam Levy Village
  • Econet Shop, Chisipite
  • Solution Centre
  • Eve’s Garden
  • Econet Park
  • Cresta Lodge Harare
  • 1 Location, Corner Knighsbridge Road/Brompton Rd
  • 1 Location corner Victoria/York Avenue
  • 2 Locations at Newlands Shops
  • 1 Location in Borrowdale Brook
Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport.
Bulawayo Central Police Station.
Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls Airport
Cresta Sprayview
Victoria Falls Centre
Pizza Bistro
A,Zambezi Lodge
1Location (Close to the Gweru Post Office)
1 Location (Close to R.Mugabe Way)
Seke Teachers College
1 Location (Near Chitungwiza Post Office)
Makoni Shopping Centre