the game changer: Kwese TV


The halababooo by Kwese TV about Roku, Netflix bla blaaaa I think it was just rumbling & Licking bones.
Here comes the FLESH, yeah l mean the STEAK.
The real FLESH is their FREE bouquet which l think it’s delicious news to freebie lovers n the guys like me with BANK accounts that BLOWS hot air. Dololo cash in ACCOUNT.


It’s loaded with sport i.e. NBA & football matches especially the English Premier League. Yoh, thus awesome.
Most of us we were paying the exorbitant DSTV subscriptions for only sport. They treated us crap by bundling the subscriptions with lots of crap which we were not watching at all.

Thus, why I think KWESE TV offer stands out. They offering pay on what you want watch over your preferred number of days. Believe me, it’s a GAME Changer.

Hello DSTV, respond. The romance in borrowed blankets is over. The owner has taken the blanket. Will the romance be still juicy in the cold with no blanket? Is KWESE TV or DSTV going to generate enough HEAT to spicy the romance. News reaching my stupid EYES not EARS is that in Zimbabwe DSTV reduced the prices of some of their packages. What? The HIT & HEAT is on. I don’t want DSTV to get burnt into oblivion because lack of competition creates monsters! If left unchecked with no competition Its not long before these KWESE guys starts behaving like DSTV. Common DSTV fight back. We need the two beasts in the kraal. Their bloody fights & tussles will make our pockets fatter & will provide our eyes with unlimited treats.

Brilliant! Health! Wickedly Awesome!

Guest writer: Cmba Osidc



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