Live location feature

In an interview by TechCrunch Pavel Durov (Founder of Telegram) said, ‘’Whatsapp sucks ’’due to its limits of sending files, its maximum group members and that it’s not privacy, Telegram claims that all their messages are highly encrypted and no one can break into Telegram’s Server, with 6 million users and almost 12 billion messages send per day.

Today Telegram has released new fascinating features to their app (telegram 4.4), Media Player, Languages and the Live Location is the one I am interested with.

Live Location

This feature got me wanting to love telegram more what it does; sends your current location to any chat in real time. Instead of sending a static location you can now share your Live Location to the people you’re meeting for 15mins, 1 hour or 8 hours.

Telegram says ‘’ you can also share your Live Location in groups and if other members of the group do the same you will get an interactive map of everyone’s current coordinates.

The application also offers nice and amazing emojis unlike other applications, Pavel was right.

Download Telegram here