Your Phone’s Photos Can Revealing Your Location


Your photos might be revealing your location without you realizing it. Here’s how to make sure your phone doesn’t log the location of each photo you take.

When you take a photo, your phone logs a ton of data about it including the date it was taken, what kind of camera you’re using, and the location of the photo.

Since this information is very easy to uncover, you probably want to make sure your phone isn’t logging the location of each photo you take especially if you share those photos on public social networks.

Here’s how to prevent your phone from logging that information in the first place.

On Android Phones, you’ll find the necessary settings in your Camera app. Your steps might differ slightly depending on which app you use. Here are the instructions for Google Camera:
  1. Open up the camera app and head to its settings.
  2. Switch off the setting entitled “Save location”. Photos taken from now on will not include the location they were taken.


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