The world of Smartphones and Data revolution


Smartphone penetration in Zimbabwe is increasing by each passing day. Survey has shown that almost 80% at least owns a smartphone.

The question then why is everyone vying to own one. There have been many interesting reasons why people are after smartphones.

Some of the smartphones for the reason of belonging,  just to fit in this era,  some envy the services which a smartphone can provide,  like games, playing music and videos etc.

However looking closely on the matter, the survey has shown that it is the intensification of data revolution which is pushing many to buy smartphones.

POTRAZ survey has shown that there has been a significant increase in mobile internet usage of 16%.  Social media has now taken over as the main means of communication in the modern era.

With social media application now offering voice services such as WhatsApp call of Facebook calls,  voice traffic has record a significant decrease in the country.

A total of 316,816 subscribers accessed and used LTE in the second quarter of 2017, this represents a 16.8% increase from 271,252 subscribers recorded in the first quarter.

The LTE users comprised of 309,215 Econet subscribers and 7,616 NetOne subscribers. LTE use has been increasing.

courtesy of pocket-lint

Therefore behold, mobile internet will continue to dominate internet use in the country as compared to the fixed internet technologies, due to the convenience of the mobile internet.

Fibre, as well as LTE access, will continue to grow as coverage improves due to continued investment in fiber and LTE infrastructure.

The improved affordability of data because of promotions, use of plastic money and e-banking as well as the increasing smartphone penetration, will also bolster the data revolution.

Operators will continue to stimulate voice traffic through promotions as the voice continues to face competition from Over-the-Top services.

The revenue contribution of data and internet revenue to fixed and mobile revenues will grow as demand for data and internet services continues to rise.

The revenue performance of operators will be dependent on their ability to stimulate data consumption through the development of applications that are relevant for day-to-day use.

Revenue from SMS is also set to improve due to the growing use of mobile and internets banking through the sending of notifications by SMS.

Periodic fluctuations in terms of volume and revenues in the postal and courier sector are set to continue due to e- substitution.

The trend of marginal subscriber growth and periodic fluctuations in individual operator subscriptions will continue due to increased competition.

Competition for subscribers is expected to get stiffer across markets. The competition will be mainly on prices and new products and service. This will be of benefit to the consumer.


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