Telegram App version 4.5 comes with new features


Telegram continues to get better and better. The application has received a new update which brings new features which are hardly available in any other messaging app.

The messenger has always been bringing new and great features which made Telegram to stand out from all instant messenger applications.

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This update includes:

  • Grouped Photos: Group media into albums when sharing multiple photos and videos. Choose the exact order of media you send
  • Saved Messages: Bookmark messages by forwarding them to “Saved Messages”
  • Better Search: Find bots and public channels faster by typing their titles in Search. Popular bots and channels are shown first
  • Pinned Messages: Pin messages in your channels to make important announcements more visible

This new update upgrade has a known feature is grouped feature is the one which we like the most after reviewing  v4.5.

According to Telegram when a user sends multiple images through Telegram then this application will automatically make the album of the following files which can be viewed by the sender as well as the receiver.

The feature can include maximum files up to 10. The biggest add-on to this feature is that a user will not receive multiple notifications for the files sent together, it will be just one Notification say for seven files received.

As Eyetro Digital we are so sure that Telegram is heading in the right direction, this is an application should have on your smartphone.

To Download the App Click here


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