BiNu hits 3 million page views per day

Zimbabwe’s mobile news app BiNu as known as Zim News last week hit a 3.2 million views in just a day, on Thursday the 16th of November 2017 to be precise and a good 3 million views this was mainly caused by the political events in the country, the Mobile News app is reported to have  more than 100 000 installs to date.

Zim News (Binu) is zero-rated on Vodacom, CellC, and Telkom in South Africa, but not in Zimbabwe and now you wonder why we are not supporting our own local initiatives.

However, the biNu platform on which Zim News has been developed resulted in data usage efficiencies up to 98% compared with other apps and websites.

This makes it a popular and affordable source of news, particularly in a country where data costs have otherwise proved to be prohibitive for most citizens.

According to biNu, with more people using their smartphones to get online for the very first time, there’s a tremendous growth opportunity for mobile network operators, content publishers, and marketers in emerging markets, by this it makes the Zimbabwean Mobile penetration to grow.

The Mobile News App is designed as a simple news reading app, Zim News displays a variety of news sourced from RSS feeds published by news publishers on the internet.

Despite the high number of page views, daily data usage per user was 1.1 MB, and the app itself has a small download footprint of only 4MB.

Download Zim News App, Click Here

Did you know: According to Ericsson, almost 3.2 billion smartphones in use in the world today.