Things you didn’t know your smart TV can do? part 1


Technology keeps making changes and improving each and every day as we move to the world of Internet of Things (IoT), Still remember when you had your smartphone for the first time you could not actually know how to copy and paste a text or to do lots of things, so it is with these Smart Tv, they are very useful gadgets that one should have in their living rooms or bedrooms, it’s all that you need to enjoy your house.

Web browsing


No matter how big your computer’s display, it probably can’t come close to a wide-screen TV.  Many smart TVs already have a built-in browser, so you can theoretically search the internet without any computer at all. Granted, these TV browsers can be painfully slow if your Internet Connection is slow or weak and limited compared to your trusty laptop.

Access Social Media.

Most of us can’t keep away from Facebook for more than a couple of hours. If you’re obsessive about checking your social media feeds, you’re in luck: Most name-brand smart TVs like Hisense, Samsung, Sony, LG, and Sharp have dedicated Facebook or Twitter apps available for their respective platforms. Updating your status on a big Smart TV can be clunky, but if you want to check your Facebook or Twitter feed in a pinch, it’s good to know that you can on your fancy TV. Not to mention mirroring on your laptop or tablet, which will give you access to everything you see on your computer.

Play video games without a console.

Suppose you’re stuck in a house or hotel room. There’s a smart TV, but no other device, and there’s nothing to pass the time. If you were at home, you’d flip on your PlayStation, XBox, but of course, that’s far away. The solution? You can play games on the TV itself, and you don’t even need a console. Most smart TVs have fun and casual mini-games you can download from their respective app stores. The TV remote may not be the best controller, and it may take a little while to adjust, but it should do just fine for simpler games. It’s kind of like playing one of those games on an airplane, using the little TV display in front of you, except without all the claustrophobia. The only thing you’ll need is a Dualshock 3 or 4 controller, the only device compatible with the console-less system. Make sure this controller comes with a USB cable, which you can plug directly into your television.

Control the TV with Voice Commands and Gestures

You no longer have to rely completely on the old remote control – the Samsung Smart TV is one of the first televisions to respond to voice commands and gestures. You simply need to speak commands such as “Power On/Off,” “Volume Up/Down,” “Channel Number,” “Mute” and more to control basic TV functions. If there’s a lot of background noise, the remote control features a microphone to help deliver your commands. In addition to voice control, most Samsung  TV also has motion control so you can wave your hand to select and navigate on-screen apps and more. We still yet to check if Hisense Smart Tv can offer these features.

Turn Your Smartphone or Tablet into a Remote Control

You can transform your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet into a remote control for the  Smart TV. Simply download the Remote app on your mobile device to get started. The remote-control app features a QWERTY keyboard to make typing and searching for TV show and movie names much easier. The remote app also works as a great game controller when you want to play on your TV.


images: Hisense smart TV

Miracast is a screen-mirroring protocol that lets you broadcast anything from a Smartphone or recent Intel computer to your TV. Whatever you see on the small screen will appear on the big screen be it games, music, videos anything you want to see it can the transferred to the big screen.

We yet to find/come out with features that come with  these smart TVs




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