Android app that stops other apps from wasting your data


Ever since Android smartphones came into the market a lot of people have been crying foul due to their airtime which gets finished without their knowledge, some people blame the Mobile Network Operators, not knowing that it the Applications they run in their smartphones.

One of our Local Mobile Network Operator (Econet) tried to provide a code on which one can stop data from being used without their knowledge.

Soon Google is launching an Android app designed to help people manage the core functions of their phone, in this case, data usage.

If you’re a long time Android User, the Application might not sound all that exciting, but if you are not that good at playing around with your phone this Application will be what will be looking for all this while.


The app is called Datally and it’s supposed to help you understand where your data is going and cut down on how much you’re using.

Datally will show which apps are using data the most and at what times your data is getting used up; it’ll also recommend ways to cut down data usage based on your own actions and suggest nearby Wi-Fi networks for you to connect to, the Application has an option that lets you stop all background data usage.

Speaking to The Verge, Josh Woodward (The product manager) said “A bunch of us on the team spent a lot of time on long flights observing people in their homes, bus stations, classrooms, and kept seeing this airplane mode behaviour,”

On the other hand, cutting off background data use will hurt your overall phone experience, as not only will apps not refresh content in the background, but apps won’t send you to push notifications either (which means you wouldn’t be able to chat with someone over anything but SMS).

But if you’re constantly bumping up against your data cap, Datally seems like an easy way to start figuring out where the problem is.

The app is being released to the rest of the world and is available to any phone running Android 5.0 or higher. The Application is only 6mb big. We yet to test if the application really works as Google said.

To download the App Click Here:


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