Did you know: Google Maps Timeline History

image courtesy of Wccftech

Google Maps is one of an App which is really useful in many ways although it can be a disadvantage to many. Did you know that Every month Google can give you your Google Maps Timeline History, on this timeline you will see all activities you have done within that period.


Few things that the Timeline can offer:

  • The Maps can show the routes you travelled be it walking or driving.
  • The can show the places where you took photos even the photos as well
  • The application surely can indicate the time you spend at a place.
  • REMEMBER WHERE YOU PARKED (Open up Maps on your iPhone or Android phone and tap the little blue dot that represents your current location. That’ll pull up a hidden menu with some handy options including the ability to save your current parking location. You can add in your own supplementary notes or photos and even set a timer to remind you when it’s time to move your car.)

Now you wonder whether we are safe?  what will Google do with that information? of course it might be a great way especially to build Maps but why having all that information of a person, think of it how many people have Google Maps application in their phones, and how many people would switch off The Location feature, of which at times this feature can just switch itself ON by default. Google Maps is really an amazing application but the fact that we don’t know how secure our information is with such application, with such an app one can be tracked his behaviour on how often they do their shopping, withdraw money from the ATM just to mention a few of which with all this information if it gets into the wrong hands one might get robbed or spammed.

What if your smartphone gets stolen? We advise people to always use strong password on all the applications that run on their devices, with strong passwords, strong passwords should be replaced word with number and symbol randomly (mix uppercase and lowercase), for example, “[email protected]”, it replace a with @ symbol and o with 0 (Zero), This will require some of your creative thinking.


Always encrypt our Data, Data encryption is translating data into another form, or code so that only people with access to a secret key (formally called a decryption key) or password can read it. Encrypted data is commonly referred to as ciphertext, while unencrypted data is called plaintext. Encryption protects the sensitive data on your phone.  An attacker won’t be able to access the data without the encryption key, although there are more advanced cracking methods that make it a possibility.


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