Econet dominates Mobile Network Industry:2017

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There is no doubt that Econet is offering the best quality network in Zimbabwe, the Q3-2017 by POSTAL AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS REGULATORY AUTHORITY OF ZIMBABWE (Potraz) shows that Econet is doing great in its numbers, the mobile network registered the highest increase in active subscriptions with 6.9% with an amount of 7,137,171 active subscribers, whereas the second biggest telco according to the regulator, Netone had 4,868,897 active subscribers which are almost half of what Econet have.

Econet has also accumulated a Market share of mobile subscribers of 51.7% from 50.2%, growth is 1.5%, other mobile network providers Netone and Telecel lost 1.1% and 0.4% in that respective order. The company has more than three quarter Voice Market Share of 80.9% and its data market share was at 70.1% on which Netone with its One Fusion and Telecel was supposed to have gained few percentage of its Data Market Share due to their Unlimited Night Surfing bundle.

 “The Consumption of data/internet services increased by 39.1% to record 4,129.4 Terabytes from 2,968.2 Terabytes recorded in the previous quarter,” said Potraz

There is no doubt that an Operator with 7,137,171 active subscribers isn’t making gaining much revenue in the report by the Regulator Econet’s market share increased by 3.7% to reach 81.6% from 77.9% recorded in the previous quarter, where other mobile operators Netone and Telecel`s market shares declined by 1.9% and 1.8%, respectively.

Everyone these days are now in possession of a smartphone that is 4G/LTE compatible having noticed that Econet’s market share of mobile base LTE stations was at 67.3%, Netone recorded 32.7% and Telecel had none in the Q3-2017. The total number of LTE base station in the country was 881.

Next year (2018) we are probably going to see more promotions coming out from Mobile Operators in Zimbabwe, hopefully, Netone and Telecel will fight to gain more market shares in Data, Voice, SMS and Revenue. Data Tariffs in Zimbabwe are said to be expensive maybe in the following year our MNO (Mobile Network Operators) will revise them to a price which will suit their users.


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