Are Internet users protected by their ISP?


When the Zimbabwean Government introduced the  Cyber Security Threat Detection and Mitigation Ministry, internet users were/are now afraid of their Online Activity, which made Zimbabwe Democracy Institute (ZDI) urge private ISPs in the Southern African country to protect internet users and adopt technology to keep in check of State interference in private online communications. Noone really knows what roles ministry will play hence there is a lot of speculation on the ministry.

Image: lerablog

ITweb reported that The ZDI, in collaboration with the Media Centre in Zimbabwe, has stated in the report that “internet spaces in Zimbabwe are governed with iron-fisted laws” despite guarantees of online freedom through the country’s constitution and international law protocols.

The research added, “Zimbabwe currently suffers the machinations of an authoritarian regime that fears to free the private media, social media and the internet in general in a belief that doing so will prevent possible public scrutiny, transparency, criticism and exposure of its maladministration crimes to the electorate and consequent electoral defeat.”

“Private internet service providers should protect the privacy of service users and adopt technologies that hinder interference by spies and saboteurs,” says the report.

In a report by, it stated that,  ” calls for greater protection of free expression, as well as the rights to access to information and privacy online. Further, compliance with international human rights standards, including the three-part test provided by the Report of the Special Rapporteur on the Promotion and Protection of the right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression, and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights are crucial starting points and a useful compass to safeguard human rights online”.


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