Bitcoin transaction set to increase 2018


The Blockchain, which is the distributed ledger used for cryptocurrency (bitcoin), is making waves in many industries, including payments, contracts, cloud storage, real estate and brokerage. It’s set to do even more in 2018 as more industries are starting to understand its benefits.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, (RBZ) governor, Dr John Mangudya warned all those who are investing in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, saying those engaging in virtual currency transactions will not have legal protection or recourse in the event that they lost their hard-earned money.

images courtesy of hackermoon

It is an impact to note that cryptocurrency has been mainly demanded by Hackers as the form of payment as they do not want to be recognised as it does not leave any form of a financial trail.

Among a lot of websites that were hacked last year (2017), we saw some Zimbabwean websites following victim of WannaCry, Ransomware. Cybersecurity, or a lack thereof, shaped 2017. The year has been consumed by negative news about companies failing consumers in ways that consumers are just starting to understand. As Facebook and Google testify at open congressional hearings to close out the year, the public conversation will move to privacy and a renewed focus on its importance.

Other Tech trend which will make waves in 2018

With a lot of people now can afford Smartphones, Smart TV, Smartwatches, Video is becoming the most popular and influential form of digital content for businesses today. In 2018, VR, AR and 360-degree videos could be the next tech trend to utilize since they can be great for showcasing a virtual tour of your business or preview your products and services.


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