Netone is keen to extend their network 2018


The second biggest Mobile Network Operator with 4,868,897 active subscribers is hoping to come with a plan to extend their network coverage so as to grow its Active Subscription Market Share base where it was lagging behind all this while, as at the end of the 3rd Quarter 2017 published by Potraz Netone had an Active subscription Market of 35.3%. Before the end of 2017, the MNO went into a deal with an International Chinese Telecommunication company Huawei.

Brain Mutandiro Netone’s acting Chief Executive Officer and Huawei’s Local Manager director signed a $71 Million loan deal on the 31st of December 2017.

Brain thanked the Government for facilitating the arrangement with the China Exim Bank loan. The Company (Netone) said it’s hoping to build 250 base stations in rural areas within 100 days.

‘’We are grateful to Huawei for this facility. As part of our 100-day plan, we included accessibility to rural communities as a major quick-win and with the signing of this contract, we are happy to say that we will deliver this goal,’’ said Mr Mutandiro.

Zimbabwe so far has 4,793 2G, 2,604 3G and 881 LTE base stations whereas Netone has a base station market share of 35.1%, 28.3%, and 32.7% respectively as of the regulator’s 3rd Quarter of 2017.

Netone’s One Money has been showing signs that in 2018 it will grow tremendously as they grow their active mobile money transfer subscribers.


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