The Digital Review


2017 was a mixed bag for Zimbabwe technology sector, various applications and services were introduced some did extremely well while some did not. That was 2017, here comes 2018 which seems promising on the tech side.

During the first week, Eyetro Digital looked at how snooping / hacking/eavesdropping has become a major concern on WhatsApp under the heading, SNOOPING /HACKING EAVESDROPPING MAJOR CONCERN ON WHATSAPP. We gave a detailed account of how anyone can actually snoop or hack into someone’s account. The aim of the article was to give skills to victims especially couples as well as giving a warning to WhatsApp users that all done in the dark has always a way of coming to the light.

AFRICA OPTIMISTIC ABOUT WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY was another headline on Eyetro Digital. Africa is perceived as the hub of poverty and diseases but away from that perception technology side is still lagging behind and being optimistic about wireless technology. There is a sharp increase in bandwidth within Africans countries with most netizens turning to the use of Wi-Fi as compared to the expensive mobile/cellular data networks.

MOBILE Money Services is expected to be a key revenue contributor for the mobile network providers in Zimbabwe as more subscribers embrace the facility on the back of cash shortages. According to Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe as of 15 December 2017 USD 429,58 million had to be transacted in form of mobile money services payments contributing to 19,49% of the of the USD 2, 203 billion dollars which was transacted between 08/12/17 and 15/12/17. This article was written under the headline, MOBILE MONEY TRANSACTIONS TO INCREASE 2018.

Furthermore, plastic money is also expected to continue increasing in 2018 especially bitcoin transactions. Although it is illegal bitcoin exchanges are becoming familiar with industries as it has good revenue returns. More on this article can be found on Eyetro Digital under the headline, BITCOIN TRANSACTION SET TO INCREASE 2018.

In 2018, NETONE IS KEEN TO EXTEND THEIR NETWORK. After signing a multi mega-million-dollar loan deal of up to $71 million with China Exim Bank, Netone is geared to expand its ever-growing industry. Its target is to extend their network coverage so as to grow its Active Subscription Market Share base where it was lagging behind all this while.

GLOBAL SMARTPHONE PRODUCTION TO DECLINE IN 2018. Global smartphones production growth is expected to decline in 2018. A TrendForce report has claimed that 2018 will see global smartphone production at around 1.53 billion units, a growth of 5 percent only, compared to 6.5 percent growth in 2017.

On New Year’s Eve during the cross overnight Magaya’s PHD Ministry launched a LetsChat Messenger. The main reason for the app was to shun fake news, Magaya said the fake news has become a serious national problem with many victims, hence he created a technological solution to address the problem. However, due to heavy download traffic, the app crashed.

WHAT HAPPENED TO ECOCASH TA! This was another headline in this week’s edition of Eyetro Digital. Many of us don’t know what’s Ecocash Ta! It is an Econet application which was meant mainly for small players in the economy who rely on small value goods that require small amounts taking, for instance, $0.50c or $0.10c. The device is first of its own kind in Zimbabwe and is part of EcoCash’s strategy to promote a cashless society in Zimbabwe where people do not have to carry cash to purchase goods. It was meant to  capitalise on the current cash shortages in the country