Quick switch to video call for Android: WhatsApp

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WhatsApp has released a new update to the Google Play Beta Program: the version is 2.18.4. Wabeta info reported that “WhatsApp has developed a new convenient feature that improves the user experience (here an old post where we announced it): WhatsApp has released today a video call switch button”.

Image courtesy:WabetaInfo

This button is visible when you are in a voice call: when pressed, WhatsApp will send a request to the recipient, asking if he wants to “convert” the current voice call in a video call.


WhatsApp has created this feature to save time: usually, when two users were in a voice call and they wanted to make a video call, they had to end the voice call. Now, thanks to this option, it’s all faster.

The recipient can accept or reject the request: if he will reject it, the voice call will normally continue, otherwise, WhatsApp will automatically switch the voice to the video call. This feature currently working on Android 6.0+, on WhatsApp beta for Android 2.18.1 and newer.



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