My Econet App… Inspired to change customer experience!


When you call to Econet for immediate assistance,  you may have wait 5 mins or sometimes longer than that for you to speak with from customer care. At the end of the day ‘immediate assistance’ will not be valid. This is often caused by call traffic,  with thousands of customers seeking assistance on different services.  However in trying to provide that ‘immediate assistance’ Econet came up with My Econet App. With things changing and the increasing access to mobile broadband and a growing appreciation of apps, Econet Wireless is leveraging all the technology at their fingertips to enable customers to use the technology they use daily in their personal lives when dealing with the brand. Econet being a technological innovation powerhouse created My Econet App for customer convenience.


My Econet App is available for both Android and iOS operating systems. Also, it is relatively cheap to download the app, considering the value that this mobile self-care app brings to you, yet it’s merely 5.3 MB in size. With more customers getting connected with time, the expectations for a better quality service are growing with time. Moreover, with the increasing penetration of smartphones in the market, delivering on-device self-care and self-healing solutions can improve customer satisfaction. Therefore, as an Econet prepaid subscriber downloading My Econet App is choosing to embrace innovation that will bring you convenience, efficiency and getting to enjoy all Econet products services at your fingertips.

As highlighted before, My Econet App is Econet’s self-care application for Econet’s prepaid subscribers available to Android and other smartphones that will allow you to securely manage your Econet account from your smart device.

Some of the services accessible to you on your fingertips by using the app include:

Checking balances;

Airtime transfer;

Buying bundles for data services;

Activating Voicemail & Missed Call Alerts;

Over-scratched card redemption;

Latest Promotions;

Airtime Credit;


However, take note that My Econet App provides many services compared to what is only list above. The Terms and Conditions of using My Econet App have also been included, therefore, for customers, it is advisable to read and understand the Terms and Conditions before use so to avoid any sorts of misunderstanding.

There are more reasons for you to download the app as a self-service app which is convenient and time reserving as it provides immediate assistance.  It also brings customer satisfaction. If you really want to change your experience My Econet App is the solution as you will be opening doors to a newer and exciting customer experience that will enable you to enjoy all Econet products services at your fingertips and also be a bearer of Econet’s latest news and promotions to your friends, colleagues and family. Not also forgetting that you are skipping the queue to get assistance by simply using the App, hence in a way Econet showing how much it values your time, experience and satisfaction with a convenient resolution – My Econet App. Indeed, Econet is Inspired to change your customer experience!

As Eyetro Digital hoping Econet Wireless will keep improving their customer services and connectivity to match International standard especially when a customer wants to change/swipe their sim card they should make it easy for a customer to do it all by themselves, we are hoping that the company will also provide a service portal for customer’s sim card, a portal where l can see all my Sim Card activities and provide a service for backing up my sim card saved contacts.

To Download the App Click here


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