Hiclicker’s Mobile TV expands as Kwese Tv and Dr Dish fights.

Bell announces its most exciting Mobile TV sports lineup including the NHL All-Star Game and Super Bowl XLVI (CNW Group/BELL CANADA)

Just Imagine having the dubbed television in your pocket, a Zimbabwean made Mobile Application, Hiclicker TV is the revolutionary and disruptive mobile television service offered by Hiclicker Social Platform a product and trademark of Hiclicker Corporation Private Limited, a registered Zimbabwean Company in terms of companies Act chapter 24 in 2017. HiClicker has a TV  pocket mobile service made up of content from more than 2000 free to air TV channels worldwide and there are on demand movies and videos to watch.

According to the survey, more millennials in Africa are accessing their movies and TV series entertainment through streaming online and downloads. They spend the least time in the cinemas compared to the other ways of accessing video entertainment selected for the survey. Subscriptions to online video streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, Apple and Showmax are still relatively low with a majority indicating that they do not use these services. Out of those who indicated that they are using it, Netflix is one of the most popular video-on-demand in Zimbabwe now comes Hiclicker TV.


The Hiclicker team believes that as they have seen each and every one of us has now a smartphone in their hands and pockets, the company has seen that in Zimbabwe there was a need to pioneer TV in your pocket, Hiclicker TV believing that the content ranging from Movies to International News, Fashion, Music Videos, Education, Comedy, Public Affairs and Documentaries and more that will keep our platform users engaged.

Founder and CEO of Hiclicker Mr Artwell Makumbe said, “I see it as a bridging gap between our Hiclicker users who are almost 4.9 million users since 15 August 2015, that broadcasters around the world must adapt to technological changes to avoid disruption, because it’s not about just broadcasting high quality video content in HD or 4K but it’s how they engage themselves with social media users such on Hiclicker ”.

Hiclicker partners Asia Satellite Telecommunications Holdings Limited better known as Asia Sat, the Television App can be accessed worldwide and there are on-demand movies and videos to watch. The Dubbed TV viewers can also watch local visual content ranging from dramas, music and comedies directly on their mobile phones wherever they are as long as they have Hiclicker TV app and connectivity in their smart phones.

“Because millions of people are now signed up on the application I and my team we challenged ourselves on how best can these broadcasters can interact with Hiclicker users and get opinions and while remaining they relevant to avoid disruption, the idea was to bridge the gap between TV broadcasters and Hiclicker by giving them set of tools visualize their content feedback in real-time whilst the Hiclicker users become part of the story”, said Artwell.

If you are worried on which network connectivity is best to view these channels on the application in the interview the CEO stressed a point that, “here in zimbabwe any Telecom works with our Hiclicker TV product, which means that the rate at which the video streams to the phone adapts to the available bandwidth, which can be as low as 50 kbps. The technology automatically adjusts picture quality to ensure that video does not have to buffer or break. Users can increase video quality with a simple volume-like button, controlling their data costs themselves.  Watching video content can cost as little as 50 cents data per 24-hour TV watching. the viewing time can increase when you buy any telecom data bundle”.

“As of today, TV users are now 81 000, with most downloads coming  from our website much than Google Play because people were complaining about google play requiring Gmail account, of which some are not Gmail users. I’m so excited we are growing at admirable rate”, added Makumbe.

With a simple click, all in one Hiclicker sign in, one can use the existing credentials to use the Tv service. The intuitive home is filled with a grid of a wide range of TV channels grouped by country, content, choice and favorites. With this grouping, a Hiclicker TV user can easily navigate from one channel to another keeping the TV viewing experience personal and engaging. The TV application will make viewers also to post suggestions, comments or give feedback per every TV channel, which will keep the viewing experience at par best entertaining.

Download Hiclicker TV .apk : Click Here


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