Whatsapp ever expanding


A decade ago smartphones didn’t exist. Today, it seems nearly everyone is gazing at a glowing, handheld touchscreen computer. This industrial revolution has brought a lot of pros and cons ways we live our day to day life, with technology  moving in the speed of light,  businesses should also try to position themselves at an angle where they can take advantage of some changes to their own advantage by improving their business models, just recently the top-ranked social platform with more than 60 billion messages sent daily, Whatsapp introduced an application which is said to be standalone app with a simple tool for small businesses.

This Mobile/Web Application is a professional and effective platform to communicate with potential customers or create a loyalty program, customer engagement is highly vital for any kind of business firm as they have begun using WhatsApp Business because positioning your brand well while communicating with your customers personally, business owners can be aware what your customers want from you and your business, and thus can place your marketing communications that is based on it. When you reply your customers’ queries, they will be excited that their questions have been answered by you in real time, as they consider you as real people.

WhatsApp Business offers direct communication between customers and business representatives through short but helpful messages. By incorporating the application into your marketing plan, you can respond swiftly to all the important queries of your loyal customers in no time. As the use of a smartphone is increasing tremendously in Zimbabwe where more than 44.2% of data usage is derived from WhatsApp only, businesses will have a chance to associate with their targeted clients and customers, and produce the greatest leads for your business.







By using this Application businesses will be helped to endorse new varieties of their products or offers that are available at discounted rates. Innovative short detail can be sent businesses along with digital images or videos of your products comprising directions concerning the product use. The process is similar to advertising where you can share catchy e-brochures of your company, your valuable service with help of WhatsApp.

Last but not least for having excellent communication, your section can craft your specific WhatsApp groups for discussing on new works, task updates, work deadlines and meeting timings. Starting from a manager to an employee, every person can talk simply via the app. Your employees can share new ideas, thoughts, problems, or even team building activities that can assist your company to expand greatly.

Although this 4th industrial revolution is  going to affect a lot of losing their jobs, Eyetro Digital predicts that it will come with job creation also to those who are skilled in every field, in this case of Whatsapp business it means that business hours will extend working hours, preferably most business will opt to run 24/7 so there is going to be needed for businesses to have a Whatsapp Customer Care Service representative to manager and to handle their clients overnight.


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