Hide WhatsApp Status from Some Contacts


WhatsApp has some little secrets not known to everybody. These little secrets some of them are of hiding your WhatsApp status  perhaps you don’t want some people seeing your childish Status.To implement this WhatsApp hack that helps hide WhatsApp Status from contacts, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Tap the Three-dots

whatsapp setting

Step 2: Tap on your WhatsApp Settings

Step 3: Then on Account

Step 4: Then on Privacy

Step 5: Then on Status

On the Status page, you would see three different options:

1. My Contact, which means all the Statuses you share would be seen by your contacts this is the default.

2. My Contacts Except, which helps you exclude some contacts from seeing your Statuses.

3. Only Share With, which helps you specify only the contacts that should see your Statuses.


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