Although in Zimbabwe we are still lagging behind in as far as technology and internet usage is concerned, we were ranked one of the most vulnerable and least digitally secure nations last year, the weakest part of any security system are human beings, a lot of companies spend billions of dollars, employing high technology, but still they make loses at the end of the day.

Did you know that your mobile phone or sim card can be cloned? Giving hackers access to your personal often sensitive information stored within?

Mobile phones also give hackers your precise location and can also be used to record your conversations in a meeting without your concern?

A bug was found on all android phone running Android KitKat 4.4.4 and below (known as the stage fright exploit) this bug allows a computer cracker to remotely control your device and access all your information.

Mobile phones can be also used as botnets (a network of private computers infected with malicious software and controlled as a group without the owners’ knowledge) or ‘zombies’ that are controlled by a hacker to perform a denial of service attack without the knowledge of their owners!

There are a lot of hacks and security flaws associated with mobiles and PDAs and what we gave you is NOT even a tip of the iceberg however we are am going to give you a few tips to keep you safer in the cyber world.

1. Never download or share non-Play Store Apps. (These are often created by people who have malicious intent).

2. Connect your mobile to Wifi only when you need to use it, hackers can gain access to your mobile and may use it for their own interests without your knowledge. (remote access).

3. Use strong passwords and two-step verification this makes it harder for hackers to gain access. (£$eyeEtroDigital07).

4. Only share things with people and colleagues you know and trust.

5. Avoid connecting to unknown networks and transferring sensitive data from there.

6. Switch off your mobile during meetings.

7. Always update our Phone’s OS to the latest version.

All the above precautions are not enough but will at least guarantee you some safety.

They convert your machines and phones into botnets to achieve their own goals without your knowledge

Speaking to an Expert in Computer Forensics a certified hacker, Mr. Benson Sanyanga when we told him that people don’t feel safe to provide their email details on Google Play store that’s why they opt applications, not from Google Play Store he said that “The Android OS belongs to Google, Play Store belongs to Google, so yes we can trust the Play Store, that’s why shadowy apps cannot appear on the Play Store.”

“They must not panic; the Android OS is very secure considering that there are lots of security patches to take care of vulnerabilities”

 “Just like fishing, worms are hard to find within the water so u spice up things to attract the fish, WhatsApp Gb is a tweaked version of WhatsApp application, it has some added mods that are not found on the original application, “ he said.


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