Mobile Money Management Apps way to go

Mobile Money
Image: ZimbabweInvestor

The use of plastic and mobile money has risen tremendously over the past year of 2017 with RTGS getting a market share value of 72% followed by Mobile money which had 15% and lastly, Point of Sale (POS) stationed at 12%, Market Share on volumes Mobile Money had the biggest share of 70% followed by POS with 28%, RTGS and ATMs both had 1%.

Eyetro Digital came to understand that the use of mobile and plastic money is encouraging impulse buying and people at times fall to control their funds since we can transact virtually, did you know that there are money management apps that help you manage your spending, saving, budget, and earnings, and can even sync to all your accounts, these applications can help users to sync their wallets to them like Ecocash, OneMoney, Telecash as well as Bank accounts?

We all know that keeping your budget balanced can not only help you stay on track financially but can also reduce your stress when it comes to money and your long-term financial health.

But if you’re not paying close attention to your spending, that money could be gone just as quickly as it hit your account.

We now live in an era where subscription services are common, paying for TV services, the Internet just to mention a few.

As dull as it may seem, creating a budget is crucial. But budgets don’t have to be rigid. Believe it or not, once you establish the habit of tracking your money, the effort can be minimal with such Apps in your device they can help you manage your transactions, in Zimbabwe we have a similar app called MobiLedger App (it keeps track of all your Ecocash transaction and presents them to you in an intuitive fashion), but the app seems not to be working properly, it’s having some signup problems.

We urge local software developer to come up with such application that can manage personal finances, record your personal and business financial transactions, generate spending reports, review your daily, weekly and monthly financial data and manage your assets as well as spending tracker and budget planner.

Lets as fully utilise our mobile devices and take advantage of technology.


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