Best Arcade Games of all time.


Technology is moving very fast and it is also reducing sizes of gadgets we use on day-to-day, as well as we turn to forget some of the old things we used  and having fun out of it, Do you still remember being in a classic arcade, where you would put a token on the gaming machine and start learning how to use a joystick in order to win. And yet, the classic arcade is not as much of a big deal as it once was, especially when you can have games at your fingertips anywhere you are.

While arcades are still plenty of fun when you can find one, wouldn’t it be awesome to pull out your own arcade while you’re waiting at the Bank, doctor’s office, in line for tickets somewhere, during a meeting, or at home on the couch when you’re crashing after work? That’s why today’s game makers are bringing our favourite arcade classics on Android’s PlayStore.


We’ve picked out few classics that just about everyone has experienced at some point in their lives. These games really are the foundation of all arcades and would be great to add to your handy app arsenal. Here are the best arcade games for Android.


When Pac-Man first came out in 1980, it took the world by storm, making its way from Japan. To this day, Pac-Man is one of the most loved arcade games of all time, but much to our surprise, it didn’t die down even when classic arcades began to.

Today, you can get your very own Pac-Man game right at your fingertips with the app. The best part is, this isn’t really a remake. The game itself is so close to the original, you’ll feel like you’re back in that arcade. Instead of adding to it, they’ve kept a straight up classic for all us all to enjoy. So, whether you’ve been a fan since it was first released almost 40 years ago, or you’re just hearing about it now, you’ve got to download the Pac-Man app and get a feel of it, what it was like back then.

Download Pac-Man: Click Here

Galaxy Storm: Galaxia Invader

While the games that are released these days are full of fantastic detail and awesome graphics, there’s just something about playing and conquering a simple game, especially if it’s one you remember playing as a kid. Galaxia Invader is that: simple, and easy to pull out when you’ve got time to kill, or in the middle of that meeting you’ve been dreading.

Whatever the case may be, there’s no not enjoying Galaxia Invader. Reminiscent of the old arcade game, this space shooter app will give you the opportunity to get rid of horrible aliens and evade other awful dangers of space, setting you on the path to conquer the world, all without putting too much thought into it, or leaving your seat, or giving up your spot in line.

Download Galaxy Storm: Click Here

Brick Breaker

If you’re looking for a challenge, look no further than Brick Breaker. While there are 60 different levels to get through, don’t expect to get there fast. And hey, that’s not negativity, that’s just facts! And really, because Brick Breaker is the challenge that it is, it’s extremely fun and addictive. Each new level checkpoint is split up in increments of five so that even if you get to level 4, but fail on that level, you’ve got to start back over at level one and work your way up again. Once you hit five, you’ll be able to start from there, and so on.

While there’s a ton of brick breaker apps on the Google Play Store, we’ve found that the one created by Boze Games is one of the trust to the original version that is available. While there are minimal adds, the design resembles the classic almost exactly, and the controls are easy to navigate, even from your smartphone or tablet. If you enjoy this arcade, reverse-sort-of-Tetris, then we highly recommend downloading this version.

Download Brick Breaker: Click Here


There’s never been a game more addicting than another one of most people’s favourite classics, Pinball. There’s just no better feeling than getting that ball to hit the different pins and score maximum points, especially when all your friends are standing around watching, hoping you don’t score more than them.

In PinOut, you’ll get a chance to experience everything you loved about PinBall in a new way. Basically, you’ll be playing from the perspective of inside the machine, rather than outside, playing on some stunning boards with amazing graphics. While most spinoffs aren’t as good as the originals, PinOut is a game you’re not going to want to miss out on.

Download PinOut: Click Here


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