Android is set to improve its Security


For years, Google has fought the impression that Android phones are hard to protect from hackers, this made a lot of people not to like their smartphones and because Android flaws are hard to fix and bad software is easy to download onto Android phones.

In 2016, security researchers revealed that millions of Android phones were infected with malicious software called hummingbird, which hackers used to generate bogus ad revenue, CNET reported.


In just-released Google Android Security, 2017 it states that “Android security made a significant leap forward in 2017 and many of our protections now lead the industry.”

The Head of Security, Android, Chrome and Play at Google, David Kleidermacher said the Android team is working to reduce the number of security bugs within Android and said the operating system “is now as safe as the competition”. How does Google know Android is getting safer? The company says it’s paying freelance bug hunters more money per flaw, which means it’s harder to find the flaws, to begin with.



“As Android security has matured, it has become more difficult and expensive for attackers to find high severity exploits,” the report says.



We project that in the coming years Android OS will be operating more like Apple, no 3rd party software, this will improve the OS performance and free from hackers as well as bugs. We encourage Android users to download their apps from Google Play Store and to always keep their devices up to date by constantly updating their apps and the Phones Operating System. Installing third-party apps will make the devices vulnerable from hackers, Google is also building in tools that can identify and turn off bad apps, with its Google Play Protect service, Android can scan devices for apps it knows are bad and warn users of the risks.

In a report In 2017, Android stepped in 1.6 billion times and stopped users from downloading potentially harmful apps as Google calls them. It also removed nearly 39 million bad apps from users’ phones.

To check if any of your installed apps have problems:

Step 1: Open Play Store.

Step 2: Tap “Three Strips, top left.”

Step 3: Tap “My Apps & Games.”

Step 4: Tap “No Problems found.”


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