Steward Bank Launches the Square 2.0 App


Early this year one of the fastest growing bank in Zimbabwe, Steward Bank, launched the best Point Of Sale Machines in the market, Kwenga with over 18000 POS Machines in the market as we speak, the Econet subsidiary bank launched a Mobile Application called Square 2.0 “The Digital Shift”

This app comes with a lot of useful features that every Steward Bank client will be happy to have it on their smartphones. According to Steward Bank’s, Chief Technology Officer, Mr Authur Matsaudza, “We put our customer at the same time with our design.” Which he described as Design Thinking, “putting the customer at the centre of everything to improve customer experience”. The Mobile application has amazing features among them the most and amazing feature on the app is the GeoFencing feature.


The Geofencing is an awesome feature which sends triggers/notifications on promotions been run at some selected outlets, Filling Station.

The 2.0 also takes screenshots on every transaction you make, it also has a Lets Chat option with a Virtual Assistant tool called Batsi. The AI on Batsi is quite impressive, Batsi can chat, answer to any Steward Bank related questions presented to her, yes! Batsi is female. If you go on Steward Bank’s Facebook and like the page, anyone can have the chance to chat  Batsi. Any question is presented to her which she doesn’t know about she will then forward your query to a personnel on standby but her intelligence allows to learn more about anyone. The next time you will ask Batsi the same question that she didn’t manage to answer previously, she will then answer you the question straight away, that’s amazing.

Steward Bank said it’s working on integrating banking on Whatsapp and Facebook since their research was that almost everyone has a smartphone and most people access their phone 2 times within every 10 mins. For those who are worried if their Data is safe when we spoke to Head of Digital Transformation at Steward Bank, Gideon Moyo he said, “your data is safe users shouldn’t be worried on their location being compromised”.

If you think the 2.0 has weak security features. The app comes with a fingerprint sensor for all your login. There is no need for users to be afraid if they have forgotten their Personal Identity Number (PIN),

The Steward Bank Square App 2.0 will be available on the 12th of April 2018. On the same day, Eyetro Digital will review the App for both Android and iOS.


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