Which is the best Android Browser?


There are lots of Android Browsers available on Play store, with each offering a range of different options. Most people long back preferred the Opera and Opera-Mini. According to statcounter Opera now holds a browser Market Share of 26.94% in Zimbabwe which made the browser to attain the 2nd position.

Google’s Chrome Browser is positioned at the top spot with 37.01%, the browser has been improving its market share since April 2017 as statcounter reported, the rise on market share on the browser has been influenced by the rise of mobile penetration in the country.

Chrome is a stock browser and that’s the best Android browser for many people, as it syncs with Chrome on the desktop and gives easy access to your Google history.

However, when you’re looking for a new device, you might find that you have another browser, likely one that has been tinkered with by the device manufacturer. More often than not, you can ignore it and go straight to Chrome. If you have more than one browser installed, the phone will ask you which to open until you select a default. Often you just have to tap the message that pops up and you’re done.

Another browser that has been gaining ground on the battlefield is the UC browser with 10.66%. UC browser is a web browser developed in China by a company called UCWeb, which is owned by Alibaba. This browser is a combination of Chrome and Firefox Browsers.

The browser was made in a way that there is no need to download other add-ons like adblocker, flash players and other plugins that you install on other browsers. UC makes with everything a user might need to surf and enjoy the internet not talking about its downloading speed.

Eyetro Digital projects that UC browser soon will become the best browser for Android OS even for Windows too because the browser is easy to use, downloads fast, no need to add other plugins and for those who like to download videos on the internet. UC has a built-in plugin that lets you download videos from Youtube. The plugin can also convert videos to Mp3 instantly.


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