Pass your Provisional Drivers Licence within 4 Days

Some say if one doesn’t have these four documents Birth Certificate, National Identity Card, Passport and a Drivers License, you are not considered a Human Being. Yet a lot struggle to obtain a driver’s license in Zimbabwe.

The main reason being that there is a test to be written, this has been an obstacle leaving a lot of people to hesitant on taking their Driver License. Leading to people to cut corners and obtaining fake Drivers License causing a lot of road carnages.

For one to obtain a Learner’s Licence, also known as The Provisional Licence, in Zimbabwe, they need to have the following:

A local company named DesicSoft has developed a Mobile Android Application named Zim Provisional Guide to help those wishing to take the Learner’s Drivers Licence. The Application is compatible with Android devices from version 4.1. Jelly Bean going upwards.

Eyetro Digital have tested the app and we were impressed that the app actually works fine without any bugs and doesn’t even crush when using it. The app is easy to use anyone can use it, to get full access on the app you will need $1 to activate from a demo, of which the demo runs for a few days before it asks you activate.

After activation a user’s will get full access to the app, the Zim Provisional Guide we saw it as a useful app, it has everything you need to know on the test and how to pass it within the required time.

While speaking to DesicSoft agent, he said if one has to give 3 hours of time to get through the questions and practice, in 3 days that person will be well equipped with the knowledge and will pass the test.

All in all, the app version 1.3.15 has 679 questions and that’s enough to pass the test. Within the app, there is Theory, Walkthrough and Test. Under each category contains topics on which will get a user to understand all they need to know about passing the test.

Just to get a feel for the app we have added a video below:

To Download the App: Click Here