Lets Watch Whatsapp Deleted Messages


We just discovered an application that most of the people were looking for, the app that lets you see WhatsApp deleted messages without any hustle.

Download The App: Click Here

Lets just get straight to it, these are the features to the Application:

  • Can Read/retrieve Deleted Messages
  • Can also show/download Deleted images
  • Can also show/download Deleted Vides as well as Audio files
  • Supports Dark/Black Theme
  • Ability to change data settings
  • Ability to Specifically Detect Images, Video, Audio.

After you just downloaded the App, Firstly, grant the standard app permissions such as access to messages, photos and all, next when you open the WhatsRemove app, you will be greeted with a screen, and as you move to the next screen, there’ll be three options, which requires Notification Access.

Now, once you are up and ready with your choice of permissions and selection of the deleted data that you’re interested in, it’s time to read those deleted messages. Well, the WhatsRemove app does everything for you so, whenever someone sends you a message and delete’s it later and you missed it.

You will see a notification of WhatsRemove, displaying that particular deleted messages, image, video or audio file. Or you can open the app to see other deleted messages, and that’s it. The app also has a sorted section of the categories of files in the top right section, where you’ll see icons of every media class.

However, there’s one thing to note here is that when it comes to images, the WhatsRemove app isn’t that accurate, out of 10 images the app can manage to get 5 to 6 odd images. So, don’t depend on it to do everything, but this will get improve with newer versions coming in the future.

To improve the retrieval of deleted images, videos or video files, make sure you have set the Downloading of Media files within the main WhatsApp messenger to All and also over Wi-Fi and mobile data both, this might increase the chance of getting a better result, when it comes to viewing deleted images and other similar media.


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