WhatsApp Group Video Calling Feature starts Rolling Out


Earlier this month, Facebook held its developer conference F8 where they made a few major reveals, including a dating service on their social network. On the conference, Facebook had demonstrated group video calling for both WhatsApp and Instagram.

Instagram is still out of the update loop but it seems a few users of WhatsApp on Android beta and iOS have started receiving the update.

WhatsApp’s group video call feature enables users to add up to four participants on a single video call made through the app. As per reports, the feature can now be seen by a handful of WhatsApp users which are using the 2.18.145 version and above of the Android app.

These users are able to see an “Add Participants” option on their call window while on a WhatsApp call, allowing them to add more participants to the call from their contact list. The same update can be seen on WhatsApp version 2.18.52 for iOS but is not available to everyone.

Image: f8 conference

Check if you have WhatsApp Group Video Call feature:

1. Open WhatsApp
2. Make a call to one of your contacts
3. Look for an “Add Participant” option on the call window
4. If you are able to see it, your WhatsApp now supports group video calls. If not, wait for its global roll-out which is expected soon.


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