FundoLinker Rollout Phase 2

Did you know that Fundolinker is propelling out its programme to primary, secondary schools, universities, colleges and companies as part of phase 2?

FundoLinker is a student support platform through which schools, institutions, companies, skilled people and donors are able to work together to provide career guidance, financial help, information and jobs to students.

This offers sufficient quality skills and can be achieved through working together in collaborations, coordination and communication among the key stakeholders in tackling skills building challenges.

On phase 1 it wheeled out involving the expanding of FundoLinker network which included students, parents, individual donors and industry veterans. It now has 600,000 registered users and FundoLinker is growing every day as people continue to flock in.

Speaking at Global Innovations Hub,  the FundoLinker CEO, co-founder and head of community, Charles Chigoriwa was excited to inform the FundoLinker community that FundoLinker was entering the much-awaited phase 2.

Today (28 May 2018) FundoLinker is launching on its phase 2, in Zimbabwe, Africa and across the world in places like India. The users have been patiently waiting to see and interact with the students.

“Our mantra is ‘skills produce, skills buy’. Skills produce quality products or services for companies. Skills make people employed ultimately making them or their dependents able to buy products or services from companies. Skills fix every economic challenge a nation or company can face. Skills attract other skills. Skills attract investment. Skills grow and developing nations. As such skill builders must strive to collectively build quality skills, not mere certificates,” he said.

The FundoLinker mission is ” skills produce, skills buy”, hence quality products or services for companies. Skills attract other skills, investments, growth and development in nations as such, skills building music strive to collectively build quality, not just certificates and degrees.

Students want to see different companies on FundoLinker and what they offer like career guidance, what they are doing for them at community level knowing that they are the future employees, customers, members, fellow entrepreneurs as the companies arrest skill building challenges together.

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