Smartphone’s Screen Size Reveals A Lot About You.

Smartphone Screens

It’s been clear for a while that smartphones serve a host of purposes: they make great fashion accessories, security blankets, and lunch dates. When you have nothing to do or don’t want to look uncool because you’re the only single in a crowd of couples, there’s nothing like checking your cell phone to give you an edge.

Smartphones have been around for years meaning that users have the option of choosing what suits them. With the many options available on the market, the type of smartphone you choose can communicate to the world what you are all about.

We looked around and came out with what smartphone’s screen size and operating system say about you and your lifestyle.

4-inch Screen or Smaller: If your smartphone has a 4-inch screen size or smaller, then you probably are not an active user. People who use such phone use them mostly to make phone calls, send texts or do the basic things phone do.

 Most of these people either have other Smartphones that they use most of the time or are just not that big into technology. In most situations, you will find people using these phones for business only.

These are not the people you will find checking their Smartphones every few seconds unless it rings or an SMS is delivered. A smartphone in this size range says you are not that tech savvy, not an early adopter and do not care so much about new technological developments.

Between 4 and 4.5 inches: Smartphones with screen sizes in this range are the most popular. They are mostly preferred by first-time smartphone buyers and the young buyers. Most people with such Smartphones use them for phone calls, text messages and social media.

People who use these Smartphones do not care so much about new technological developments but they are aware of these developments. Having a smartphone with such screen says you know a lot about what happens around you but you do not care so much.

4.5 to 5 inches: Smartphones in this category are for the urban users and those in the know.  These people are much into social media and are those you will find updating their Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram Statuses and Twitter profiles 5 times or more in a day. Most people who buy these Smartphones tend to be easy going in real life but very active online.

Between 5 and 5.7 inches: People who buy these smartphones tend to be very active on social media and are those you will always find staring at their phones all the time. These people will always attend the trendiest events in town and you will always find them in the latest clothes in the coolest joints. Such people are never afraid to show off and like the finer things in life.

Above 5.7 inches: These Smartphones are pretty much used by businessmen/women or those people who are always on the go. When you have such a smartphone, people will always think you are a manager in some company or a very successful businessman or just a show-off.


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