Skype Rolling Out a Call Recording Feature


Skype will be rolling out one of the most requested features over the past few years is a way for users to record the calls, especially as businesses and entrepreneurs use it for their work.

The new feature will be cloud-based, allowing you to access Skype call recordings across devices including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and even Linux.


Call recording is completely cloud-based, which is useful for people working across different devices, as they’ll be able to access their conversations from anywhere,  and as soon as you start recording, everyone in the call is notified that the call is being recorded,” explains Microsoft’s Skype team.

Call recordings combine everyone’s video as well as any screens shared during the call.

The above features aren’t available yet but will be released as an update to version 8.0 of Skype, which is available now. In this, Microsoft has already introduced a few things Skype fans will like, even if the majority of them will make you ask, why they took long to bring them.

An example you can now “@” users and there’s a chat media gallery, so you can look at stuff you’ve shared. Features that have existed on  WhatsApp for years.

Microsoft is also experimenting with a Content Creator mode for the streamers, vloggers, and podcasters who may need to integrate their Skype with other 3rd-party apps.

In a report by Statista as of April 2018 Skype recorded  300 million monthly active users, but growth is static. Whether or not these updates will increase the number remains to be seen.


At the least, these new features should stop many more people leaving the platform entirely hence Skype is facing hard times to gain market share from Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and WeChat who has been the top players in the sector.

Monthly Active User is a person has to open or view an app at least once in the period of one month.


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