Kenya Mobile Penetration Closing on to 100%

The Communications Authority of Kenya recently released their statistical report about the industry’s performance for the January-March 2018 quarter.

CA reported that mobile penetration in the country has hit 95%. Between January and March of 2018, the number of mobile subscriptions grew by 3% from 42.8 million to 44.1%, whereas a result, the mobile penetration is now at 95.1%, up from 94.3%

The share amongst the telcos is largely unchanged. Safaricom has a 67% market share of the mobile subscriptions, Airtel is next with 19.7% (grew by 2.5%) and Telkom is now at 8.6%, down 0.4%

In the period reviewed, data subscription grew rather well (8.2%) from 33.3 to 36.1 million the previous quarter. CA attributes this due to the growth in deployment of 4G by three MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) and one ISP.

When it comes to fixed data subscriptions, Wananchi Companies (which owns Zuku) still has the largest market share with 34.4%. Safaricom is next with 19.4% market share and Mawingu Networks is third with 18.2%. Wananchi Companies still dominates this market but there is still room for growth for the other players to serve fixed data subscriptions for home and office.