Safaricom Shareholders to Vote Using Mobile Phones at its 2018 AGM


Safaricom shareholders will now vote for the individual agenda items with their mobile devices after the telco announced it would deploy this service at the upcoming Annual General Meeting on 31st of August 2018 at Bomas of Kenya.

Offering investors the opportunity to cast their votes using their phones will save time as well as eliminate costs involved with printing, distributing and returning postal voting materials.

“Shareholders are urged to carry their mobile devices which will be used to carry out the voting of various resolutions included in this notice.” the company said in a notice.

However, it remains unclear whether those shareholders who won’t attend the AGM will be able to vote from wherever they wish.

Some of the resolutions to be discussed include;

Re-appointment of Dr Bitange Ndemo as a non-executive Director
Mrs Esther Koimett ” “
Mr Mohamed Joosub ” “
Mr Till Streichert ” “
Dividend Payment Via M-Pesa

The company also announced that the preferred method of paying dividends below Shs 70,000/- is through M-Pesa.

“Beyond our borders, we continue to monitor and explore new areas of opportunity… ” Bob Collymore noted. His comments come at a time when there have been reports that the telco is considering expanding into the Ethiopian market.

Global AGM Attendance Trend

Against a background of falling attendance at annual general meetings (AGMs) across the world, many listed companies are considering using digital means to reach a greater number of their shareholders. Integrating technology into annual general meetings of shareholders (AGMs) is certainly an illustration of this


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