WhatsApp’s Read Receipt the Best/Worst feature?


WhatsApp has become the best source of communication in our modern day with over 55 billion messages, 4.5 billion photos and 1 billion videos sent daily. As of 2017 the platform had 1.5 billion users, now families, friends, lovers communicate and connect through the messenger. While WhatsApp has been considered the cheapest and convenient way to communicate its read receipts feature may have been too expensive to most relationships and friendships.

WhatsApp launched the Read Receipt feature in 2014. The feature basically informs the users that their message has been read by the recipient. The respond behaviour of different people on WhatsApp have left some changing their read receipts functionality for different reasons, and everyone can justify their choice. Some experts think that removing blue ticks is good for relationships.

Read Receipt

Reading too much into blue ticks and respond of other people may to some causes anxiety. Pining after every blue tick and yelping out every time you see your beloved is “online” (no, they can’t see you) is a fairly unhealthy mindset to have when you’re dating someone. Hence why dating psychologist Madeleine Mason recommends turning read receipts off altogether.

“If you have a tendency to overthink things and get mini panics over seeing someone having read your message and not replying, then I would suggest turning the function off completely,” said Madeleine.

While the non-reply or delayed reply is not necessarily psychologically damaging in and of itself, it can foster unhelpful feelings of rejection. Therefore, when someone takes a little longer to reply than we might hope, it can generate an excessive amount of anxieties which are only exacerbated by read receipts. Those little blue ticks that signal a WhatsApp message has been read can cause all kinds of drama.

Dr Elle Boag a Psychologist says, “The blue WhatsApp tick is the worst thing that’s happened on the app. It can actually destroy a relationship. If your partner doesn’t respond in the time that you perceive to be normal, paranoia can creep in. This paranoia that your partner is up to something that’s not focusing on you can niggle. And the more niggles you have, the less chance that the relationship will survive.”

“Someone else might be with your partner when they failed to reply and tell you that they weren’t actually that busy. It’s all in the head. And it can be very unhealthy.”

However, Mason adds that a person’s feelings towards Read Receipts are highly dependent on the individual, who may be more vulnerable to emotional distress if they have self-esteem issues or a lack of confidence in the relationship. If neither of these things are a problem, Read Receipts should be irrelevant.

In most cases people fail to understand that not responding to texts does not mean you are ignoring them. WhatsApp isn’t necessarily reflective of the truth. Your partner might be busy, but WhatsApp can create a Chinese whisper situation.

When you want to make sure or find out if someone is online or not, and if that someone is reading your messages or not, all you have to do is send a short voice message say 3 seconds long. This also means that if you want a confirmation that your message has been read, or in this case listened, you should send a voice message.

Why sending a Voice Note, WhatsApp on its blog clearly states that the blue ticks are not compatible with voice clips meaning that If the recipient open it, the ticks will turn blue. At the same time if you don’t want the voice message to turn blue soon after receiving the voice message just delete the clip, that way the sender won’t notice if you have opened it or not.




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