Zimbabwean Game Developer Has Done it Again


Gerald Gombiro, (born July 13, 1989) is a budding Zimbabwean game designer and programmer whose work spans over 10 games, 4 of which have been published commercially. This time around Gerald has cooked a new recipe which he dished out a game called Babu.

This is what Babu is all about:


Babu was always an ambitious and inquisitive little monkey, always wanting to delve in the realm of the impossible. One day gazing at the birds soaring into the sky, Babu’s imagination was saturated with the splendour of flying. Babu told family and friends of this dream and it all ended in mockery, but Babu did not give up, searching high and low on how to make this dream a reality.

One day Babu befriended a little red bird. The little red bird told Babu about the majestic queen bird, whose feathers could grant any living thing the ability to fly. This got Babu all fired up inside, with much convincing Babu got the whereabouts of the queen bird and with much determination, Babu set off to find the queen bird.

With all cunningness a clever little monkey could muster, Babu got close enough to the queen bird to rub on her feathers and instantly Babu sprouted wings and stormed out the queen’s palace with the queen’s guards in hot pursuit but they could not catch the brisk little monkey.



Babu with the new found wings flew over the great forest in full awe of those who had mocked the little monkey. Babu had done it, a monkey flying, Babu had looked straight in the eyes of the impossible and defied it. But the queen bird could not stand to see this little monkey bathing in glory, and she sent her minions to drop Babu from the sky.

Will you help Babu remain in the impossible? Will you help Babu stay afloat in glory? Download now and help Babu live the dream Click Here


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