Steward bank Square 2.0 App Review


Square space is the mobile app developed by steward bank to help their customers. The app enables users to access banking services with ease. Steward bank has been rolling out innovative services since it became part of the Econet family and square space is just one of those innovations

Installing and launching the app for the first time.

Square space can be downloaded from Google Playstore or apple app store for free. Once installed the app requires you to have internet access to be able to login and connect with your account. In order to login you first have to enter your mobile phone number and your password. An OTP (One Tome Pin) will be sent to your mobile phone number. Once you receive the OTP you can use it together with your account number to register your device and login. Once you log in you will be taken through a tutorial that shows you a few steps on how to use the application.


App features

The application is loaded with features, there are actually more features than we expected in a banking application. The app has a menu at the bottom for switching between different modes depending on the task you want to accomplish. On each menu there is a list of tabs to help you access related information and services.

Square 2.0


On the “My Account” menu you can access your mini statement, accounts, payees and loyalty points (steward bank has a customer loyalty program that awards you points for using these apps).

The “Funds Transfer” menu gives you access to money transfer services. When you switch to this section the default transfer mode selected is RTGS but you can also use ZIPIT and internal transfers. To make a transfer simply enter the details on the provided inputs and press submit. You can select the recipient account number from your list of payees (this is pretty convenient). Transferring funds was quite easy and snappy in our case and we haven’t had any problems yet.

Square 2.0

On the services menu, there are three tabs corresponding to three services offered by steward bank. The services are “buy air time”, “Mukando” and “Loans”. The airtime service allows you to buy airtime using funds from your steward account. “Mukando” is a service that allows you to create groups and do “Mukando” on the steward bank platform. (yes, you can do “Mukando” on the app, pretty innovative isn’t it). The last item on the services menu is the Loans service. Using this service, you can apply for a loan from steward bank using the square space app. There are different types of loans mainly targeting entrepreneurs.

Bill payments menu allows you to pay your bills using funds from your steward bank account. This feature is expected given the fact that most banks already have the same service on their apps. On the bill payments menu, you can create payment schedules. Payment schedules are meant to help you by creating alerts and reminders for your bills that need to be paid. The app does not automatically make payments for you, you have to click on the bill and choose “pay now”.

The utilities tab is loaded with goodies for those who want to go the extra mile. First there is a “lets chat” tab that gives you access to steward bank’s help line. The queries tab allows you to create queries and have them resolved for you. The currency converter is meant to convert currencies (Zimbabwe is still using a multiple currencies). This feature is the only feature we had trouble using. For some reason we could not select the currencies to convert from.

The last feature and probably the one we liked the most is the “locator” feature. It allows you to locate steward bank branches, agents and ATM’s directly from the application.

square 2.0

Our View

The application exceeded out expectations, it is packed with features in a simple and easy to use interface. The user experience is great. The look and feel of the application make it fully qualified to be a member of the steward bank family. The currency converter had some glitches (probably it was because of our devices) and we hope these are addressed in an update to the application.

We tested the application on android marshmallow and nougat. Our hope is that the experience is similar on all supported versions of android and iOS. We thought the app was going to use free data since Steward is one of Econet Wireless’ subsidiary without data there is no means customers would enjoy the Square 2.0 App.


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