WhatsApp Delete For Everyone Feature Updated: New Rules

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Bad News for Whatsapp GB users 

Some months back, WhatsApp rolled our the most awaited “Delete for Everyone” Feature which was welcomed by everyone. Sometimes, it feels very awkward when you mistakenly send a message to the wrong recipient.

To overcome this problem, WhatsApp Delete For Everyone Feature lets You Delete Your Embarrassing Texts. Moreover, users can delete sent messages within 1 hour, 8 minute and 16 seconds. After that, they will not be able to delete that message.

This can happen if the receiver’s mobile is switched off for more than 13 hours 8 minute and 16 seconds. So whenever he will switch on the mobile he will get your embarrassing message as he wouldn’t have received the revoke request.

This update will provide protection against users who use a modified version of the app and used revoke messaged which were sent a long time ago.

WhatsApp has updated the “Recipient limit”. What does it mean? If you delete a message for everyone, but the recipient won’t receive the revoke request within 13h, 8m, 16s (maybe because the phone was off), the message will **not** be revoked.

What this means is that if you send a message to someone but want to delete it, the message won’t be deleted even after you select ‘Delete for Everyone’ until the receiver gets a revoke request in the specified time. There might be occasions when a recipient won’t be prompted for a request and this can happen when their phone is switched off or when the cellular data is turned off.

It is unclear whether this update has already been implemented for all WhatsApp users or it will take some time to reach the entire WhatsApp user base. Gadget360 reported that, “the new update will be pushed from the back end, and users won’t need to make any changes from their side to enable the update.”

“WABetaInfo folks believe that the new update is a protection against the users who used the Delete for Everyone feature to delete messages sent in a conversation a long time back.”

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