Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know.


Windows 10 brings plenty of new features, including an improved Start menu, the digital voice-controlled assistant Cortana, the new browser Microsoft Edge and virtual desktops. Familiar and new keyboard functions make operation even simpler and more efficient.


Below are the most used shortcuts found on windows 10 Operating System (OS):  

Alt + Tab – Switch between open apps.

Alt + F4 – Open shut down/restart menu or close current window.

Ctrl + Alt + Tab – View all open apps.

Windows Key + I – Opens Windows 10 Settings.

Windows Key + PrtScn – Take screenshot.

Windows Key + Tab – Launch Task View.

Windows Key + C – Launch Cortana voice search.

Windows key+ S – Launch Cortana text search.

Windows Key + A – Launch Action Centre.

Windows key + E – Launch File Explorer.

Windows key + H – Share content (where available).

Windows key + K – Connect to wireless devices.

Windows Key + R –  Run a Command.

Windows Key + G – Open Windows 10 Game Bar.

Windows Key + L – Lock your PC (useful for quit account swaps).

Windows 10

Windows Key + Home – Minimise all.

Windows Key + E – Gets you to the file manager (explorer as Microsoft calls it).

Windows Key + M – Hides all windows and brings up the desktop.

Windows Key + Arrow keys – Snap current window into a section of screen.

Windows Key + Shift + Up arrow key – Stretch desktop window.

Windows Key + Ctrl + D – Open new virtual desktop.

Windows Key + Ctrl + F4 – Close virtual desktop.

Windows Key + Ctrl + arrow keys – Navigate between virtual desktops.

Windows Key + Down arrow – Switch an app from full screen to “windowed” and pressing again will minimize it.

Windows Key + Up Arrow –  Reverses Windows Key + Down Arrows.

Windows Key + D – Takes you back to the desktop. It’s a really good way of getting out of a lot of apps that take your PC into a fullscreen mode.


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