Telone Boast for Local Content

Telone Bulawayo

TelOne’s recently launched linear on-demand news and entertainment streaming service is set to benefit local content producers with space to air their products.

This is at a time when a lot of content is being produced though lacking reliable platforms to be aired. Most of the content created, especially movies and drama series end up being sold at a meagre 50 cents per DVD on the streets, robbing its creators of potential revenue.


TelOne hinted that they are willing to work with different local content creators to make sure their platform, Digital Entertainment on Demand (DEOD) appeals to a local audience.

Telone director of retail Engineer Jeremiah Munembe said content creators are welcome to engage them.

“We could not approach local content producers before launching our platform. We had to first launch it so they may understand how big it is.

“All content producers are welcome to engage us. We are open to ideas and are very capable of hosting such content,” he said.

At the moment DEOD whose content is being sourced through South Africa’s on-demand specialist Discover Digital hosts a catalogue of Hollywood movies, television series, foreign news channels, a few sport and religious channels.


The content is refreshed every month to keep the audience interested.

“We hope to soon be providing vast local content be it sport, movies or even music,” said Munembe.

DEOD is Africa’s first fully converged linear on-demand news and entertainment streaming service. It provides three main services namely pay per view, news channels and on-demand.

The platform has a potential to grow as it is affordable and convenient, with a monthly premium of less than 12 dollars while other packages costing less.

Premiums are paid using mobile money, electronic transfer and cash.

-The Herald


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